Legal support in the field of sport

Representation of clubs, athletes, coaches and agents in the resolution of disputes in the jurisdictional bodies of national and international sports federations, as well as in the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne (CAS)
Advising clients on the debt recovery of transfer, agency, compensation, solidarity and other payments, disciplinary and doping issues, as well as providing assistance in the process of switching of national team.
Advising clubs, coaches and athletes on the conclusion, extension, termination of employment and other contracts, assistance to clients in supporting transfer deals and during the licensing procedure

Protection of intellectual property in sports

Sports lawyer for a football club

Legal support in e-sports disputes

Certification and TMS accompaniment for a football club

Legal support of the football club licensing procedure

Participation and resolving in doping disputes

Legal services for obtaining compensation from the FIFA Fund in case of the club's bankrupting

Legal services for the recovery of training compensation of a football player

Legal services for changing of national team eligibility

Sports lawyer services for a football player or coach